We take on new challenges continuously.

Our variety of services is a product of our Culture, Qualified Team and our Network of Experts.


We optimize training budgets and align them with the organization’s strategy.


A true end-to-end business support service, we work seamlessly with your existing team and processes.


Our RRHH solution, we find your candidate specialized and trained for your particular purpose.


We offer various legal services to include notary services, claims services, tax services, drafting wills…

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 We take on new challenges continuously to serve you. 


a) Local Procurement Logistics:
– Preparation of purchase orders.

– Coordination of any additional procedures related to Local Purchases, such as the preparation of invoices and coordination of transport in the case of subcontracting and/or inward shipments for processing.

– Electronic filing of electronic invoices.

b) Import Logistics:
– Coordination of import formalities.

– Receipt of customs documentation relating to all customs formalities, as well as its review, filing and correction if necessary.

c) Coordination with the administration of the customs administration.

– Coordination with the administration of the financial

-Accounting aspects, such as the registration of the investment as a beneficiary company of the Free Trade Zone Regime; as well as  accompaniment in the registration of fixed assets.


a) Analysis and structuring of business under the Free Trade Zone Regime.

– Consists of the study and design of the possibilities for a company to cover its operations under the Free Trade Zone Regime.

b) Application process for the entry of companies to the Free Trade Zone Regime.

c) Attention of the operation under Free Trade Zones in aspects such as:

– Management of operational requirements and obligations.

– Processing of operational applications and modifications to the terms of the Free Trade Zone Regime.
agreement granting the Free Trade Zones Regime.

– Processing of donations and/or destructions under the Free Trade Zone Regime

– Control of fixed assets, which may include surveying and plaqueing.

– Nationalization of exempted goods, before the Tax Administration for local purchases, before the Customs of Jurisdiction for international purchases.

d) General clarification of queries on procedural doubts.

– Such as obligations of the benefits or obligations in the Free Trade Zones Regime, as well as the issuing opinions and/or recommendations regarrding these matters.


Provision of personnel specialized in customs administration and free zones.

– Recruitment and selection of personnel and training of personnel according to the client’s need.


a) Trademark Law
b) Corporate Law
c) Tax Law
d) Labour Law
e) Notarial Services